American Heart CPR Instruction

Whether your are a parent, grandparent or medical professional, learning CPR saves lives.

Small classes tailored to your needs allow for extra practice while being time efficient. The American Heart association offers a wide variety of classes to teach you the necessary skills to save a life. All classes are video based, a small class to teacher ratio allows you to feel confident.

All classes offered upon request.

Class details:

Friends and Family Infant                     $25.00 pp, 2 hrs class

Friends and Family w/ AED                   $50.00 pp,  5 hr class, includes AHA card, renewable every 2 years

Healthcare Provider                               $60.00 pp, 5 hr class, includes AHA Card, renewable every 2 years

All classes are kept to a 8 student maximum. Discount given for multiple participants

 CPR for Families and    Medical Professionals

Learn methods to relax and bond with your baby, respectfully, in a loving, simple and confident way. You will discover how to understand your baby’s cues, his/her needs and how to help.

The most rewarding and simple aspect, is that your baby and you will enjoy being together.
Infant massage may improve sleep & baby’s ability to calm themselves
Encourages sensory integration and may increase mind/body awareness
May encourage development and toning of muscle
Can help with gas, colic and constipation
May help relieve discomforts of teething, growing pains and emotional stress.

Classes are held upon request. Each series of 3 classes, is held in a small group environment, to allow     for a calm and safe place for baby. Cost of series is $40.00.  Classes may also be scheduled in your home.
Call today to schedule your class.

  Infant Massage