Milk Time Lactation

Helping families feed the future...

Providing customized assistance for expectant and breastfeeding families.  Our knowledge and experience helps you help yourself and your baby.

  • Infant feeding plans for slow or poor gain

  •  Support for extended nursing or weaning

  •  Guidance for introduction of first foods, instruction to Baby led weaning

  • Helping moms with engorgement and  pain while nursing

  • Care plans for infants born prematurity,                special needs, twins and triplets
  •  Assistance with latch and poor transfer
  • Understanding Tongue tie and its impact on nursing and beyond

  • Planning for induced lactation, and re-lactation for adoption and premature weaning
  •  Return to work planning
  •  Free weekly drop-in support                         (Tuesdays 1:30 to 2:30 at Nexus Chiropractic                  12214 SE Mill Plain, Vancouver, WA for more information and special events visit facebook/milktimelactation)

Insurance reimbursement paperwork available.  In network AETNA preferred provider.  Guarantee of insurance benefit unavailable. Discounts given for payment at time of service.